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Pilot Episode & Pitch Coming Soon...

Thank you for your interest in my new animated series idea. I am projected to finished the entirety of the Pitch Packet by the start of June. 

Copyright @ May 2023

Created By Makafui Morrow

I am proud to introduce my animated series idea Down 2 Earth.

In the span of 3 months, I have been building this idea from the group up. 

What is Down 2 Earth About?

A 14 year old orphan named Godwin was aspiring to be a cook for a colony of people living on a spacecraft. Out of nowhere, the captain informs the colony that they can return to Earth. Being that most of the Earth is covered in water, the remainder of humanity have built a town on an island.


Despite Godwin's aspirations, the town does not need his cooking skills because of the advancements in technology. In turn, Godwin must rediscover a whole new way to belong in this new town all alone. His hopes began to waver until he stumbles upon an alien backpack that reveals the various uncanny mysterious buried in his new home. 

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