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Hello My Name is Makafui Morrow

Makaphix Media provides the ability for young artists from around the world, who are looking to start their own project, to showcase their ideas in a centralized and organized location. 

Makaphix Media also helps business and content creators market their brand image through animation. 

Our Mission


Over the nest 5 years, Makaphix Media will work with partnered studios to bring more ideas from around the world into the mainstream. 

Our Values

Integrity and patience is top priority at Makaphix. With every project, each member of the production, no matter how big or small the team, must treat each other with respect. 

A Message To Our Visitors

Majority of our clients are independent creatives whose names will not be divulged publicly. 

If you wish to have Makaphix Media design and animate your project, please contact us on Fiverr or request for our services on StudioNow.  We are currently working to have clients order our services directly through our website. 

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